Your 1st Step Towards Your Best Year Yet!

Intentional Life Mapping is a three week mini-course on shifting our mindset, and goal getting instead of goal setting.

  • 1 live group session per week for 3 weeks (replays will be available)

  • Lessons created with you in mind to help you reach your goals

  • Homework geared to hone in specifically on your own unique goals & challenges

  • Journal prompts to be able to lay out your personal trail to the future you desire

  • Resources provided that you can print off to map out your own path

  • Legendary Living on Purpose exclusive Facebook group

  • Access to the instructor via email and Facebook (response normally within 24 hours or less)

  • This $390.00 course gives you all these tools to help you achieve your best year yet!

  • Would you like to Beta Test this course? Looking for a few Beta Testers to purchase this course at a massively discounted rate. 90% off!! Just $39.00 gets you access to the course, with all of the benefits, for a small investment of your time and a few requirements.* (see below order form for list of requirements)

*FAQ (frequently asked questions listed at bottom of page)

Intentional Life Mapping 3 week mini-courseFocus on Yourself & Your Goals & Dreams
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*What is Beta Testing and what is required?

If you choose to purchase the Intentional Life Mapping 3 week mini-course as a Beta Test Student, you will receive the same access as a regular full price student.

In return for the 90% discount - you will be given a survey to fill out for each lesson. There will also be a final survey at the end of the course. You will receive an 'opinion & ideas" sheet for each lesson and a final one at the end of the course to fill out. There will also be a simple data sheet for each lesson for you to mark off and return.

Your time and assistance are highly appreciated and that is why it is discounted so much. Your opinion and responses will help to be able to make any adjustments and improvements in the course to be able to help future students.


Do I have to do Beta Testing? No, you are more than welcome to purchase the course at the standard rate.

Do I have to pay the regular rate and the Beta Test rate to get access to the course? No, you can choose which path is best for you, and only pay that rate.